KaratBars in Costa Rica

Do you want to start saving in Gold?
Would you like to earn by helping others save in Gold?

If so, Karatbars may be the ideal platform for you!

You can protect your savings by purchasing certified .9999% (24 karat) pure gold bars in affordable and tradable 1 gram, 2.5 gram, and 5 gram sizes, encased in beautiful Karatbars cards. AND, if you wish, you can become your very own gold dealer in Costa Rica. Authentically life changing income can be yours with Karatbars International. Watch the powerful Karatbars video below to find out how, or CLICK HERE to sign up and get started absolutely free and with no obligation.

Remember, opening a Karatbars account is completely free for both affiliates and customers. You can receive your karatbars for delivery in Costa Rica with no import duties whatsoever, or you can store your karatbars outside of Costa Rica (up to 100 grams for up to 12 months for free in Germany, or via allocated storage in Zurich, Switzerland, for a fee).

Sign up now, or contact us for more information by completing the online form.

Karatbars operates a sophisticated gold savings program and a lucrative associated referral business opportunity.
The program is available to residents of many countries in the region but it is especially interesting and useful in Costa Rica, Guyana, Panama, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela where the recognizable, ultra divisible, and highly tradable 1 gram, 2 gram, and 5 gram denominated Karat Bars can be received by customers without paying any additional taxes or import duties whatsoever. If you want to ganar dinero en Costa Rica, make money in Guyana, ganar dinero en Panama, ganar dinero en Puerto Rico, or ganar dinero en Venezuela, while practicing the postive habit of building your savings and helping others to do the same, contact us. We will be happy to guide you through the process and to provide additional promotional support when introducing the opportunity to your contacts.