First Costa Rica Coin and Bullion is the premier precious metals dealer serving the needs of Costa Rica’s expat community.

Costa Rica Gold & Silver Bullion Precious Metals Dealer Trading in Coins And Bars Since 2006.

For calculation of metals spot prices we use BID/ASK.

Metals have been used both as currency and as a store of value since the dawn of civilization. The traditional precious metals, gold and silver, and even newer alternatives, such as platinum and palladium, are becoming more and more popular as a hedge against uncertain financial conditions, especially inflation. As a monetary metal, gold serves as a very worthwhile asset to hold during deflation as well.

Whether you are looking to purchase gold or silver bullion coins or rounds, or even to obtain collectible numismatic coins, we are your source for precious metals in Costa Rica. We also buy precious metals in nearly any form (coins, medallions, rounds, bars, jewelry, etc).

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With presence in Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, and Guadalajara, Mexico we are the largest precious metals dealer in Central America.
First Costa Rica Coin & Bullion primarily serves precious metals buyers and sellers in Costa Rica, but we have done business with clients throughout Central America that could not find a coin dealer in their home country. So whether you are looking to buy gold, buy silver, sell gold, sell silver, or buy or sell any other precious metals, contact us. Chances are high that we can find what you are looking for. If you are located in Panama, contact our Panama gold dealer. If you are located in Nicaragua, contact our Nicaragua gold dealer. If you are located in Mexico, contact our Guadalajara bullion dealer.